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our calendar of programs

Below is our calendar of available sessions for 2015.  For more information about any of the programs, or to check the status of a registration, please call our Director of Programs, Andrew, at 516 568 1052.  Please note that we cannot book appointments over the phone, but we will be happy to answer whatever questions you might have, or reserve a date for you while your registration is in transit.

To book a session:  Click on the date below for the program you are interested in (red links are open programs,) print the registration form, complete it and please mail it to us with your funds.  Because we are a double-blind method to ensure your anonymity, requests must be sent via US Postal mail.  It generally takes 2 weeks to process your request, and your confirmation letter with instructions and directions will be sent to you via email in order to have as little information from you as possible.  If you have any questions about the availability of a certain date, please feel free to call our office at 516 568 1052.

Click on the calendar date in red below to find the registration form for that date.

For program descriptions and fees, click here

 **To check on availability on limited dates, please call 516 568 1052 **

  Click on the dates below in red--they are links which will take you to the registration form for that program date.




10, 11, 12            PRIVATE SESSIONS

17, 18, 19            TELEPHONE SESSIONS

24, 25, 26            PRIVATE SESSIONS



7, 8, 9                  TELEPHONE SESSIONS

21                        BOOK LAUNCH AND SEMINAR EVENT
                           7PM, MOLLOY COLLEGE, LONG ISLAND

23                       BOOK SIGNING AND EVENT
                           BOOK REVUE, HUNTINGTON NY

28, 29, 30             PRIVATE SESSIONS



12, 13, 14              PRIVATE SESSIONS

19, 20, 21              TELEPHONE SESSIONS



9, 10, 11                PRIVATE SESSIONS

23, 24, 25              TELEPHONE SESSIONS








6, 7, 8                 PRIVATE SESSIONS

20, 21, 22            TELEPHONE SESSIONS

27                         GROUP PROGRAM 7:30 PM



4, 5, 6                    PRIVATE SESSIONS

11, 12, 13              TELEPHONE SESSIONS

25, 26, 27               PRIVATE SESSIONS



8, 9, 10                     PRIVATE SESSIONS

15, 16, 17                 TELEPHONE SESSIONS

30                             GROUP PROGRAM 7:30 PM



6, 7, 8                        PRIVATE SESSIONS

13, 14, 15                  PRIVATE SESSIONS

20, 21, 22                TELEPHONE SESSIONS









Our programs are held in our private conference room at a safe, secure and comfortable hotel  in Commack, on Long Island.  Directions and information will be sent with your confirmation letter.   Although dates listed on the website may appear open, there is a chance the date has already been filled at the time we receive your request.  If this happens we will automatically place you in  the next available date of the program you are attending, unless you request that your registration be canceled and your funds returned. Please note that it generally takes 2 weeks from the time you register for an appointment until you receive your confirmation letter.

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