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 Here's Why

by George Anderson

Many years ago, I had to appear on a ‘Good Morning’ Someplace or other on the book tour for “We Don’t Die.” After enduring the same kind of nonsense questions--the kind you’d ask a child who claimed to have seen a dragon in their closet--I was actually stunned by a question the reporter asked. She simply asked, “Why do the souls communicate?” I stared blankly at her, because up until that point I had always listened and reported what the souls told me, but never actually asked them why they communicated. Only a few seconds had passed when a soul mercifully whispered into my head, “We create peace.”

We go through so much of our lives here understanding the “how” and the “what,” but never the “why.” I think the answer is much more clear than we think--we’re here to create peace. But do we? Are we so knee-deep in our struggles and our own heartache that we forget there is an actual purpose to what we do here? No matter what our experiences, no matter what our challenges, we should be creating peace. Not just for ourselves, but for the sake of everyone whose lives will touch ours. The opportunities are everywhere--with friends, family, strangers--in so many circumstances, we can create peace in a place there was trouble, or create peace in a day of our own that was fraught with pain. I've found that key to our happiness here as bereaved people is not to “get better,” because that might not be within our life's journey here. Our actual purpose is just what the souls already know--to create peace. We can create peace in ourselves by looking past our own pain to the beauty we know will come to us one day, and we can help create peace in others by just changing the dialogue. The souls create peace in us by their honesty, by their generosity, and by their message of hope. It’s actually possible for us to do on the earth. Maybe by creating peace, we can find the one thing we so long for--to live in peace while we are still here, regardless of the struggle, regardless of the pain, and regardless of the difficulty. Maybe each of us, in our own way, can try to create a little peace--for ourselves, and for the world around us, and for the souls who know it is not only within our life's journey here, but within us all.  Create peace when you can.

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