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What Souls in the Hereafter Can Teach Us About Life

Understand the importance and meaning of your life’s journey here on Earth—with the guidance and perspective of the souls in the hereafter.

Ask George Anderson shares the most common questions clients ask and reveals the illuminating answers that the souls have provided on issues and concerns of our everyday life here on earth. They are invaluable lessons that will enrich all our lives because they’re imparted from a profound and rare perspective: that of the souls who have already lived it and learned from it.

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Dear George Anderson:

I'm 14 years old and I already my mom died of cancer.  I feel like something bad happened to her, but something bad also happened to me and my whole family.  I can't ask people around me because I get told I'm selfish and it's all about me.  But it's some of it about me, right?  I guess my question is that why do bad things happen to good people?



Dear Annette:

Firstly, I'm going to put myself squarely in "Camp Annette" because it IS about you, in a very real way.  Everything we experience on the earth has two parts--one person goes through a life experience, and the rest of us learn from it.  You had a terrible loss, and the fallout of that loss has a ripple effect which touches the lives of everyone connected to that loss.  So in a very big way, the passing may have been your mom's, but the lesson from it is very much yours.

I want to clear up one thing for you--bad things don't happen--things happen, bad, good or otherwise for a very important reason.  We will go through many experiences in our lifetime which will become the journey of our lives, and the test of how we bring what we know and who we are to what we experience.  We have options, and we can decide to learn from something that happens to us, or walk away from it and learn nothing.  If we're aware, we take the experiences, and we make something fantastic out of it.  I know that sounds crazy, but we do--people who lose a loved one early in their lives learn a kind of compassion that stays with them the rest of their lives, and changes every relationship they have for the better.  We also learn how to deal with struggle through things we think are terrible, but we don't know the whole story yet.  Your mom's passing is terrible for you, but your mom is experiencing a joy and peace we couldn't even hope to understand yet, because we are not ready or even finished here yet.  But even in a beautiful and peaceful existence, your mom is still experiencing her spiritual journey--she is caring for you and everyone in your family, helping all of you to continue moving forward with love and compassion until the day your own journey will bring you to the joy and beauty of the world hereafter.  What we may see as "bad" like a loss, the souls see as "beautiful" because they have earned the reward of struggling on the earth through things just like this.  And they won.  So did your mom, and so will you.  So the sentence is really, "Why do things happen to people?"  And the answer is, "So we can learn, experience, understand, cope, continue, and move to a world where nothing bad will ever happen again."  This is only a test of your courage, your compassion, your love and your trust.  I know you'll pass, just because of the poignant letter you sent.  You looked for answers instead of just shutting down, which is a very important decision that you made.  You'll make many good ones, I'm sure.  Keep your faith, your love, and your hope alive--and remember the people like your mom, who will continue to teach you great things from her special place in a beautiful world.



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